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Get your old metal pieces looking and working like new again. Area 51 is the Metal Fabrication specialists in Wilmington, NC. We offer full service custom metal work for our residential and commercial clients. Add the perfect custom metal railing to your home renovation, or get the exact metal widgets you need for your industrial space.

Need to remove rust or spruce up your metal items? Area 51 is the Power Coating specialists in Wilmington, NC. A powder coating paint finish provides a durable and affordable paint finish to metal surfaces. This eco-friendly process uses dehydrated paint pigments that are electrostatically applied to a surface as a powder. The powder is then heated to adhere to the metal.

Do you have a project that requires fine lines in metal or granite? Area 51 is Wilmington’s place to go for Waterjet cutting. A waterjet cutter uses pressurized water at high speeds to cut through metal, plastic, glass, granite, and other materials. Waterjet cutting works just like natural erosion, but at a highly accelerated rate.

Renew metal pieces like old railings or rusted cart parts. Area 51 is Wilmington’s premiere Media Blasting company. Media blasting is an abrasive blasting process. Much like sandblasting, media blasting strips old paint, rust, and other substances from a metal surface, leaving it clean and prepped for a powder coating or other finish.